An American spends the night outside in the cold to remind about the war and help Ukraine

16:15 26 December Kyiv, Ukraine

U.S. Air Force veteran Mark J. Lindqvist decided to spend 17 days on the street to commemorate the war in Ukraine and collect financial and humanitarian aid.

A former military man spends his nights in a tent in Fargo, North Dakota. At night the temperature there reaches -20 - 30°C.
"I choose to spend Christmas night outside in a tent. My buddies in Ukraine didn't have a choice,” Lindqvist comments.
In parallel, the American opened a collection for winter equipment for the Ukrainian military. He encourages Americans to donate or bring items from the list to collection points in Fargo.. The batch will be sent to Ukraine weekly.

Before returning to the United States, Lindqvist spent nine months in Ukraine building connections with the military and volunteers.
In March 2022, he led the A-Team, which included veterans and volunteers from more than a dozen countries.