Monobank is ready to work in case of a complete blackout

07:40 20 November Kyiv, Ukraine

On the night of Sunday, November 19, Monobank will suspend work in connection with preparations for a possible blackout in Ukraine. This was announced by the co-founder of the institution Oleg Gorokhovsky on Telegram on Saturday, August 19.

“We are preparing systems for performance in the event of a complete blackout, so tonight from 00.30 to 05.00 we are carrying out maintenance work. We need this time to install updates on internal systems,” he wrote.

According to Gorokhovsky, opening of new cards, accounts, deposits, banks and installments will not be temporarily available during technical work.. Also, card transactions (payments, deposits, transfers) will not be available from 3:00 to 5:00.

"Please do not make payments during this period, as they are likely to be unsuccessful," Gorokhovsky warned.

Earlier, Monobank announced an increase in the commission for cash withdrawals. The decision is due to the fact that banks owning ATMs in Ukraine have more than doubled the interbank reimbursement rate for cash withdrawals by customers of other banks.

It was also reported that Monobank stopped servicing clients from the Russian Federation and Belarus. This decision also affected Crimea and the so-called "republics" of Donbass.