Google gives $2 million for digital education for Ukrainians - Fedorov

15:26 02 December Kyiv, Ukraine

Google will provide $2 million for digital education for Ukrainians and 50,000 Workspace licenses for the government.
This was agreed upon during a meeting with the company's team, said Minister of Digital Transformation Mikhail Fedorov.
“Google services have already become part of the infrastructure of the Ministry of Digital Development. Now other government agencies can work faster, despite the shelling and the constant threat of Russian cyberattacks. This will be helped by 50,000 Google Workspace licenses, which the authorities will be able to use free of charge all year round,” the minister said.
According to Fedorov, Google also supports the development of digital literacy of Ukrainians and the education sector.. The new $2 million grant will be used to teach Ukrainians digital literacy, bridge the digital divide, and scale the Action platform. Digital education.
“We will launch an English version of the portal with reskilling programs, personalized learning paths with AI elements, as well as employment recommendations. In the future, this will allow many to find jobs in demand and contribute to the economic revival of the state, ” Fedorov explained.