Amnesty International again got into a scandal: the organization issued envelopes with "brotherly hugs" from Russia and Ukraine

12:32 14 September Kyiv, Ukraine

The international human rights organization Amnesty International has created envelopes that depict two men embracing. One is painted in the colors of the flag of Ukraine, the other - of Russia.
The Visegrád 24 platform, around which the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia have united in the information sphere, called on the Secretary General of Amnesty International to step down.
“They are on their own again. Amnesty International just can’t stop comparing the aggressor and the victim. Just take your things and leave, it's time to retire" - noted in Visegrád 24.
Oksana Romanyuk, executive director of the Institute for Mass Information, suggested that this was a deliberate information campaign, and not ordinary ignorance.
"Amnesty believes that we should meet the Russians with hugs while they are organizing genocide here. Well, I think that they are sitting on the Kremlin's money, because it is simply impossible to be so ignorant in the modern world. (...) They deliberately propagate this, " writes Romanyuk.
The envelopes contain a call to send funds to help Russian political prisoners - "prisoners of conscience in Russia". Amounts from 15 to 45 pounds (from 637 to 1910 UAH - ed.) should help "put pressure on the Russian government." Now the organization has announced a collection for Sasha Skochilenko, a St. Petersburg artist and journalist. Russian security forces detained her on April 11, 2022 for anti-war propaganda. She faces up to ten years in prison. She has health problems that worsened in the SIZO.