Residents of Dagestan go to rallies against Russian mobilization

17:32 26 September Kyiv, Ukraine

In Dagestan on Sunday, people blocked the highway and loudly shouted: "NO TO WAR." Security forces in an attempt to disperse the rally fired into the air.

In Dagestan, residents of the large village of Endirey near Khasavyurt, protesting against mass, in their opinion (and not partial, as President Vladimir Putin promised) mobilization, blocked the Khasavyurt-Makhachkala highway.

Several videos from this action, in which shooting is heard, quickly scattered on social networks on Sunday afternoon.. According to eyewitnesses, the police fired into the air; there is no information about the wounded.
Later, a protest action - with the participation primarily of women - began in Makhachkala.

Then the protest on the square in front of the Puppet Theater in the center of Makhachkala grew to several hundred people and detentions began.

According to Russian media, the National Guard arrived to help the police, and by the evening the action was suppressed.

About 100 people were detained.

In an attempt to reassure the population, Dagestan’s military commissar Daytbeg Mustafayev announced through the local branch of Russian television that people without military experience and conscripts would not be drafted to the Ukrainian fronts, and that the rumors spread in Dagestan that 13,000 people would be drafted from this region were not true.

A protest action - also with the participation primarily of women - took place on Sunday in another Russian region of the North Caucasus, Kabardino-Balkaria. Several dozens of local residents took to the rally in front of the government building in Nalchik.