West urges UN to organize mission to check downed drones in Ukraine - Reuters

10:00 08 December Kyiv, Ukraine

Western countries are seeking to organize a mission under the jurisdiction of the United Nations to study the origin of drones and their components used by Russia in the war against Ukraine.

It is reported by Reuters.
The United Nations is investigating allegations that Iran supplied drones to Russia, UN Secretary-General António Guterres said, facing pressure from the West to send experts to Ukraine to inspect downed drones .
Journalists report that Guterres recalled the drone allegations in a December 7 UN Security Council report seen by the agency.
"The secretariat is studying the available information. Any findings will be reported to the Security Council in due course," the official said.
As the newspaper notes, Russia claims that Guterres does not have a mandate to send UN experts to Ukraine to investigate the origin of drones.. At the same time, Iran denies deliveries of drones to Moscow, and Russia denies that its forces used Iranian drones to attack Ukraine.

UK, France, Germany, US and Ukraine say Iranian-made drone shipments to Russia violate UN Security Council 2015 resolution that formalizes nuclear deal with Iran. Guterres reports twice a year to the council on the implementation of the document.