Norwegian oil and gas workers strike ends

12:54 06 July Kyiv, Ukraine

At the request of the Norwegian authorities, the strike of oil and gas industry workers ended.

The authorities intervened because the strike threatened to reduce Norwegian gas exports by 60% and worsen the energy crisis in Europe.

This was reported on the website of the Norwegian government.

The Norwegian government has said it will arbitrate in a labor dispute between Lederne and the Norwegian Petroleum Association.
"With the support of the Minister of Labor and Social Integration, Marte Mjes Persen, the parties agreed to end the strike so that everyone can return to their jobs as soon as possible," the statement said.
According to Mjes Persen, the Norwegian government usually shows "considerable restraint" in such situations, but the seriousness of the potential consequences of a declared strike forced her to intervene immediately.

The union strike that began on July 5 could have been catastrophic for Europe.

Norway is the second largest energy supplier on the continent after Russia, which has significantly reduced natural gas supplies to Europe in recent weeks.

A planned strike would cut Norwegian gas exports by almost 60% by Saturday. In the worst case, Belgium and the UK would be left without gas from Norway, Reuters writes.. An escalation in protests would also cut oil production by 341,000 bpd.

The Norwegian Foreign Ministry stressed that the creation of an additional shortage of energy resources in Europe against the backdrop of Russian aggression against Ukraine is unacceptable.
"Norway must do everything in its power to strengthen European energy security and European solidarity against Russian aggression," the ministry said.