883 people executed globally in 2022 - Amnesty International

08:57 18 May Kyiv, Ukraine

Last year, 883 people were executed in 20 countries around the world. 90% of all executions take place in Iran, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

This is stated in the Amnesty International report.

So, in 2022, 53% more people were executed than in 2021, and in general, this is the highest figure in the last five years..

The countries of the Middle East and North Africa violated international law by increasing the number of executions in 2022, demonstrating a callous disregard for human life.. The number of people deprived of their lives has risen sharply across the region, with Saudi Arabia executing 81 people in one day.
“Recently, in a desperate attempt to end a popular uprising, Iran executed people simply for exercising their right to protest,” said Agnès Callamard, Secretary General of Amnesty International.
Reported executions in Iran rose from 314 in 2021 to 576 in 2022. The numbers also tripled in Saudi Arabia, from 65 in 2021 to 196 in 2022, the highest recorded by Amnesty International in 30 years.. Meanwhile, Egypt executed 24 people.

The human rights organization also confirms that people are being executed in Vietnam, Syria, Afghanistan and North Korea. However, the number of those executed could not be established.

At the same time, the report does not contain data on executions in China, since Beijing classifies data on death sentences in the country.