More German citizens believe Russian propaganda - study

09:38 08 November Kyiv, Ukraine

A study by the Center for Monitoring, Analysis and Strategy CeMAS shows that the beginning of a full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine, more and more people in Germany believe Russian propaganda, reports Der Spiegel.

In October, 40% of those surveyed fully or partially agreed with the statement that the Russian war was "Russia's uncontested reaction to NATO's provocation." In April, this figure was 29%. 44% are fully or partially sure that Vladimir Putin is taking action against the "global elite" who are secretly "pulling the strings". In April, 32% of respondents thought so. 35% fully or partially agreed that Ukraine "historically cannot have territorial claims, because it was actually part of Russia." In April, 26% of respondents agreed with this statement.

24% fully or partially believe that the war was necessary to "remove the fascist government" in Ukraine. In April, this idea was supported by 14%.

The study found that residents of the eastern regions of Germany are much more likely to believe in pro-Russian theories of collusion about the war in Ukraine than residents of regions in the west of the country.