Latvian authorities canceled 761 residence permits of Russians

15:25 31 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the Latvian government has canceled 761 residence permits for Russians.

This is reported by Delfi with reference to the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs of Latvia.

Thus, in the period from February 24 to August 26, 578 temporary residence permits for Russian citizens and 183 permanent residence permits for Russian citizens were annulled.

At the same time, 264 permits were canceled because documents were not submitted in a timely manner.. Other reasons for cancellation are related to termination of employment, change of reason for staying in Latvia, acquisition of Latvian citizenship. So, for example, in 32 cases, incorrect data were given, and 24 permits were canceled because the foreigner was included in the database of prohibitions on movement.

Eight more permits have been canceled because the special services have banned the stay of these Russian citizens in Latvia.

Among the reasons for the cancellation of certificates and such as a change of employer, moving to a place of residence in another country, divorce.

As of August 12, Russian citizens had 9,189 temporary residence permits, of which 1,820 were issued in connection with investments. Citizens of Belarus have 2,432 temporary permits, 65 of which are related to investments.

As of August 12, 37,183 Russian citizens have permanent residence permits.