Venice will take money for visiting the city

16:44 04 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Venice will take funds from tourists for a visit to the city, the City Council made the corresponding decision, writes The Guardian.

Now everyone who wants to visit Venice must book a place and pay a commission from three to ten and a half US dollars, depending on the season. Inspectors will also appear in the city, who will have the right to stop tourists and require them to confirm payment for the entrance.

Those who violate these rules face a fine of up to $300.
The commission will be paid by those who do not stay in the city overnight. There are 80% of such tourists in Venice - more than 30,000-40,000 people a day. Those who stay overnight in Venetian hotels already pay a hotel tax, and a new fee will not be added to it.
The collected funds will be used to reduce the cost of garbage collection in Venice, since the price of this utility service in the city is higher than in other Italian cities..