German Gepards began to arrive in Ukraine

14:44 25 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Gepard self-propelled anti-aircraft artillery mounts from Germany began to arrive in Ukraine.

Defense Minister Alexei Reznikov spoke about this on the air of a single telethon on Monday.
“Today, the first three Gepards officially entered. These are anti-aircraft missile systems, for which tens of thousands of rounds of ammunition have been handed over to us. We are waiting for the first 15 Gepards. Three of them went to Ukraine today. Today they are already at the disposal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine," Reznikov said.
In mid-July, official Berlin published a list of weapons that are still planned to be delivered to Ukraine, including 30 Gepard SPAAGs.

Ammunition supply for the Gepard was previously considered a problem, as only slightly less than 60,000 35mm rounds were available.

The Gepard can fire up to 1000 rounds per minute. However, in real conditions, he shoots in short bursts adapted to the target.. After several weeks of effort, the German government office, together with the Norwegian Ministry of Defense, found a manufacturer that could produce additional ammunition.

Earlier, the systems manufacturer trained Ukrainian soldiers in Germany on how to use the installations.