In the United States, the strongest winter storm in recent years brought casualties and destruction

11:47 25 December Kyiv, Ukraine

One of the strongest storms in recent years hit the United States. At least 28 people received non-life-threatening injuries. It is reported by the NBC channel.

It is noted that thousands of houses were covered with snow, motorists cannot get out of the snowdrifts.

More than 755,000 homes and businesses across the country were out of power on Christmas Eve, according to CNN.

In addition, thousands of flights were canceled due to the winter storm.

In the area of the city of Buffalo (New York State), visibility dropped to almost zero, about 500 drivers were blocked in cars.

Растет число жертв снежной бури в США

Из-за бури транспорт в США парализован

На побережье США буря и мороз вызвали обледенение

Recall that on December 11-12, dozens of flights were canceled and delayed in Britain due to bad weather.. On the same days, bad weather was also observed in Ukraine. So, in Lviv, due to icing and numerous gusts of the contact network, trams and trolleybuses did not run.