Summers will get hotter in next 40 years: UN forecast

20:05 21 July Kyiv, Ukraine

In the next 40 years, summers will become increasingly hot - heatwaves will become more frequent and
intense, predicts the head of the World Meteorological Organization, Petteri Taalas.
“Negative climate trends will continue until at least 2060,” Taalas said.
He compared the climate situation with an athlete who is injected with doping.
“We are emitting more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, as if we were doping,” Taalas said.
The UN also expects increased pressure on health systems, more frequent wildfires and crop damage.

In addition, abnormally high temperatures have an impact on the food and medical industries.. The elderly, pregnant women and teenagers are at the greatest risk, according to the UN.
In 2021, a European heat record of 48.8 ° C was recorded in Sicily (Italy). New temperature records have emerged in Spain, Turkey and Canada.

Summer 2022 brought new temperature records in Europe - thermometers exceeded 40 ° C in some regions of France and Britain. In the Iberian Peninsula, temperatures reached 47°C.