Mass shooting in Serbia for the second time in a week

10:03 05 May Kyiv, Ukraine

Late in the evening of May 4, in Serbia, near the town of Mladenovac, about 50 kilometers south of the capital, there was a mass shooting: the attacker killed at least 8 people, and 13 others were injured.

This is reported by the Serbian broadcaster RTS.

The incident took place around 11 pm. First, the young man started shooting at people with automatic weapons in the village of Dubona. After he fled the scene, he fired at Maly Orash and the village of Shepshin.

According to RTS, as of the morning of May 5, the 21-year-old attacker was detained near Kragujevac. The suspect is likely the son of a military officer.

Serbian Interior Minister Bratislav Gašić called the shooting a "terrorist act".

Prior to that, on May 3, a seventh grade student fired at a school in Belgrade. At least 9 people were killed: eight children and a school security guard. Another six students and a teacher were injured in the attack.

The police arrested the suspect. The incident and its motives are being investigated.