Panic and disappointment in Kremlin's "missile tactics" in Russia - ISW

09:43 04 December Kyiv, Ukraine

The panic among Russian military bloggers over the provision of additional air defense systems to Ukraine shows the vulnerability of the Russian missile campaign. This is stated in the report of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW).

Analysts drew attention to the mood that flooded the network in the Russian Federation after the appearance of information about the provision of additional air defense systems by Western countries to Ukraine. In particular, the Russian military community has begun to question the sustainability of the Russian missile campaign in the long term, Western experts point out.

The report said a number of Russian bloggers said the "build-up" of Western air defense systems complicates Russia's ability to launch missile strikes against Ukraine's energy infrastructure.. In addition, they demanded that the Kremlin speed up its missile campaign.

The ISW also noted that one of the bloggers even echoed Western assessments that Russia would not have a significant effect on the front line with missile strikes if it "does not leave this nonsense and curtail the campaign in the near future."

Analysts drew an analogy with the panic that arose in propaganda social networks against the backdrop of US-provided HIMARS systems, which are now successfully used by the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

We add that ISW assumes that the formal head of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko makes statements about the threat from NATO in order to emphasize the need for protection and avoid being drawn into the war in Ukraine.