In the Russian Federation, spending on the police, the National Guard and special services will increase to a record high

15:25 23 September Kyiv, Ukraine

In order to ensure the "stability" of the regime and prevent protests, in 2023 every third ruble of the Russian budget will be directed to finance internal security agencies.
This is reported by Russian media with reference to the data of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.
"In 2023, the federal budget will spend 4.2 trillion rubles under the item "national security and law enforcement". Expenditures under the item, where the budgets of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Russian Guard, special services (security agencies), the Investigative Committee, the prosecutor's office and the FSIN system are sewn up, will grow by 1.5 times over the year - an unprecedented amount for the entire time of available statistics (since 2006)," the statement says. in the message.
The previous record was set in 2012: then, in response to the protests at Bolotnaya, funding for the security forces was increased by 46%.

In 2024, another 100 billion rubles of the budget will be added to the law enforcement agencies, after which it is planned to “freeze” expenses - 4.3 trillion rubles in 2025.

In total, the 2023 budget will spend 8.8 trillion rubles on the army, police and other law enforcement agencies, or every third ruble of spending. In 2024 it will be 9.3 trillion rubles, and in 2025 - 8.9 trillion.
"Significant resources will be provided for the restoration of friendly territories and the strengthening of national defense, " the Ministry of Finance notes, without citing specific amounts.
The extreme generosity in funding the security forces is not a surprise.
“Choosing between stability and revolution, the people naturally chose stability. Choosing between war and revolution, he may well prefer revolution,” says political scientist Abbas Gallyamov.
The protests that took place on the first day after the announcement of the mobilization are just a warm-up, he believes: most citizens need time to make a political decision, they will have to realize that mobilization is not a television abstraction, and soon they themselves will begin to receive subpoenas, and their friends and relatives will return to the country to the coffins.
“The main protests are yet to come, ” Gallyamov argues.. - It will be possible to suppress them only with the help of inhuman cruelty, but it - this cruelty - will destroy the remnants of Putin's legitimacy. As long as the president maintains the base, at least a third of voters are quite loyal to him. In six months, this group will shrink by three times, if not more.