Scenarios for nuclear strikes on Germany discussed in Russia in 2021 - media

10:32 29 October Kyiv, Ukraine

Western intelligence agencies intercepted a radio message from the Russian Navy discussing scenarios for a nuclear strike on Germany. This happened during a maneuver by the Russians in the Baltic Sea at the end of 2021. This is reported by the German edition of Spiegel.

The media reports that the intercept was about nuclear strikes on Germany, indicating three targets: Berlin, the United States air base at Ramstein and Buchel air base, where the US army stores nuclear weapons.

Security experts have two explanations for this interception.. Some are sure that the use of nuclear weapons was discussed and practiced in military exercises, which also happened during NATO maneuvers. Others believe that the Russians knew about the wiretapping, and therefore deliberately named the targets in order to intimidate the West.

A Civey poll for Spiegel shows that in Germany, 51% of Germans are concerned about the possibility of a nuclear war, 57% fear a Russian nuclear strike on Ukraine, and 37% fear Germany.

Recall that the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, said that if Russia uses nuclear weapons, it will receive a serious international response to this.

According to US President Joseph Biden, Kremlin head Vladimir Putin denies the possibility of using nuclear weapons in Ukraine, but continues to talk about it.