Moscow hosted the shortest victory parade without heavy armored vehicles and aircraft

14:00 09 May Kyiv, Ukraine

For the first time during Putin's rule, the victory parade, designed to demonstrate the military might of the Kremlin, took place without heavy equipment and aircraft. The parade lasted about 45 minutes.
The parade was opened by Russian President Vladimir Putin. His speech, like last year, contained no sensationalism and was very short. In particular, he compared the war in Ukraine with the attack on the USSR in 1941.. Putin said that "a real war has been unleashed against us," and Russia allegedly "will protect the inhabitants of Donbass and ensure its own security."

He also accused the "Western globalist elites" of "the ideology of their exclusivity", comparing them to the Nazis.
"Any ideology of preference is disgusting, criminal and deadly, but the Western elites still talk about their exclusivity ... The goal of the opponents, and there is nothing new here, is to achieve the disintegration and destruction of our country," Putin added.
In his speech, Putin said that the Ukrainian people became "hostages of a coup d'état."
"Unnecessary ambition, arrogance and permissiveness inevitably turn into a tragedy. This is the reason for the catastrophe that the Ukrainian people are now experiencing. He became a hostage of the coup d'état and the criminal regime of Western masters created on its basis.. A bargaining chip in the implementation of their cruel, selfish plans," Putin said.
Note that in his previous speeches, Putin denied the existence of the Ukrainian people, and Ukraine, according to him, was created by Vladimir Lenin.
After Putin's speech, a military parade began, at which, in particular, the remains of military equipment were shown. There was only one tank on Red Square - a museum T-34 from World War II - it passed in front of the stands, where Putin, six heads of state of the countries of the former USSR and elderly people dressed in military uniform were located.
According to Oryx, during the year of the war, the army lost more than 10,000 pieces of equipment, including almost 2,000 tanks.

For the second year in a row, the air part of the parade was canceled, during which military aircraft flew at low altitude. Aerospace forces lost 79 planes and 81 helicopters during the invasion of Ukraine, according to Oryx.

Instead of traditional columns of tanks, launchers of the Yars strategic missile system, the S-400 Triumph air defense system, the Iskander-M operational-tactical missile system, and armored vehicles passed through Red Square.

The number of foot ceremonial calculations, marching in festive uniforms, amounted to 8 thousand people. This is one of the smallest parades in recent years.