In which case Putin can press the nuclear button - ISW

09:50 01 October Kyiv, Ukraine

Threats to use nuclear weapons that come from Putin are not fundamentally new and, most likely, the head of the Kremlin is not ready to use them. Analysts of the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) write about this.

"His latest threats are not fundamentally new and do not indicate imminent preparations for the use of nuclear weapons.. Crossing the "red lines" established by Putin in Ukraine has not yet led to the threat of the use of nuclear weapons.

The ISW is inclined to believe that Putin will use nuclear weapons only if he believes that they will not entail direct Western military intervention and if, in his opinion, they will play a decisive role in the war with Ukraine, the ISW suggests.

Experts also drew attention to the fact that Moscow is talking about alleged readiness for negotiations. They believe that this indicates Putin's weakness and that he simply wants to delay time for a regrouping of forces.

It is not clear what indicators Putin will be guided by in evaluating the success of his two main efforts to save the situation in Ukraine, namely: rebuilding his own strength and trying to break the resolve of the West through economic pressure.. In both, he is likely to fail, but Putin may need more time to see the consequences before deciding what to do next.

The American Institute for the Study of War added that, having decided on a nuclear strike, Putin will suffer enormous losses, since he will undoubtedly receive a response from Western countries.

Recall that on September 21, Putin said that Russia is ready to use all means of destruction, including nuclear ones, in the event of a "threat to its territorial integrity."