The EU is concerned that India can sell fuel from Russian oil

09:23 16 May Kyiv, Ukraine

The EU should prevent the resale of Russian oil from India, including diesel fuel. Such a statement was made by Josep Borrell, head of EU foreign policy.

Borrell stressed that if diesel or gasoline produced from Russian oil enters the European market through India, this is a violation of sanctions, and EU members must take action.

The EU representative noted that India's purchase of Russian oil is a normal practice. However, if they use this oil to refine and resell products to our countries, then the EU must act.

In March of this year, Russian oil imports to India increased for the seventh consecutive month, and Russia became India's largest supplier for the first time, displacing Iraq from that position.

In May, India also remains the main importer of Urals oil shipped from Russian ports, buying more than 50% of the volume.

Borrell suggested taking action against European buyers of Indian refineries that make products from Russian oil.
"If they sell, then there is a demand. We have to pay attention to those who are buying," Borrell said.