Britain proposes "hybrid" tribunal for Russia

18:03 20 January Kyiv, Ukraine

UK joins group of international partners to seek criminal accountability for Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

This was stated by British Foreign Secretary James Cleverley, according to the website of the British government on Friday, January 20.
"These atrocities must not go unpunished.. That is why the UK has accepted Ukraine's invitation to join this coalition, offering its legal expertise to explore ways to hold Russian leaders fully accountable for their actions," Cleverly said.
It is noted that the participation of Britain will include an assessment of the possibility of creating a new "hybrid" tribunal, a specialized court integrated into the national justice system of Ukraine with international elements.
"The investigation of the crime of aggression could complement the established mechanisms for investigating war crimes, including the International Criminal Court and Ukraine's domestic legal process.. Together, these parallel processes will help ensure that all crimes are fully investigated and those responsible are held accountable," Cleverley said.