In Bulgaria, a money transfer to the Russian embassy was subject to sanctions

10:50 07 July Kyiv, Ukraine

The Bulgarian authorities have decided to block a bank transfer to the Russian embassy in the amount of about 890 thousand dollars.

This was announced on Wednesday, July 6, by the Minister of Finance of Bulgaria, Asen Vasilev, on the air of BNR radio station.

He clarified that such a decision was made within the framework of the sanctions imposed by the European Union.
"There is a bank transfer to the Russian embassy, which is directly subject to the sanctions of the European Commission. There are no frozen bank accounts," Vasilev said.
He added that the Russian embassy had previously asked for a partial lifting of restrictions, as funds are needed to pay salaries to employees.

Minister Vassiliev added that the Bulgarian government is currently negotiating with the European Union for similar exemptions in order to allow the transfer of funds.

Relations between Moscow and Sofia deteriorated after Bulgaria expelled 70 Russian diplomats on suspicion of espionage.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that Russia would reciprocate, and Russian Ambassador to Sofia Eleonora Mitrofanova suggested closing the embassy altogether.