Telegram stickers are recognized as extremist for the first time in Belarus

16:31 05 August Kyiv, Ukraine

In Belarus, for the first time, two sets of Telegram stickers called Luka and Sasha 3% were recognized by the court as "extremist information products".
This is evidenced by the data in the Republican List of Extremist Materials.

They contain ironic pictures of Alexander Lukashenko and opposition slogans used during the 2020 protests.
In 2020, before the presidential elections in Belarus, the meme "Sasha 3%" appeared on the network. Then several Belarusian media suggested that readers choose a candidate for whom they would vote.. In at least two such polls, Lukashenka scored only 3%. Following the results of the elections, the CEC of Belarus declared Lukashenka the winner, after which mass protests began in the country.

About 300 different Internet resources are recognized as "extremist" in Belarus. For example, more than two dozen associations, foundations, telegram channels and media have already been recognized as "extremist formations". Among them are Radio Svaboda, the Belsat TV channel, the Belapan news agency, the Belarus of the Brain telegram channel, the association of former security officials BYPOL, the BYSOL Foundation and others.

In October 2021, a message appeared on the GUBOP telegram channel that soon "subscribers of extremist telegram channels and chats will be prosecuted as members of an extremist group". At the same time, the resolution of the Council of Ministers No. 575 "On measures to counter extremism and the rehabilitation of Nazism", to which the department referred, did not mention criminal liability for subscribing to telegram channels.

On December 3, 2021, a court in Minsk recognized as "extremist materials" the products of the telegram channel of the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty, as well as other social networks of the publication, including the YouTube channel.