Joint exercises with Russia started in Belarus

10:07 16 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Joint tactical flight exercises of Russian and Belarusian military aviation have begun in Belarus. It is expected that the exercises will take place from January 16 to February 1.

This was reported by the monitoring group "Belarusian Guyun".

It is noted that the Belarusian Ministry of Defense announced the start of joint flight tactical training of aviation units of the armed forces of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation, which are part of the aviation component of the regional grouping of troops (forces).
“It is reported that aviation of the Aerospace Forces of the Russian Federation is taking part in the exercise, which the Belarusian Gayun already reported earlier during the arrival in Belarus of 12 helicopters of the Russian Aerospace Forces on January 8 and 8 fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces on January 15,” the report says.
The Ministry of Defense of Belarus calls the main goal of the exercises "increasing operational compatibility in the joint performance of combat training tasks". The ministry also says that during the exercises, the aviation of the two countries plans to work out a number of other issues:
  • air reconnaissance;
  • Joint patrolling of the airspace along the State Border;
  • Air support for groupings of troops;
  • Landing tactical airborne troops;
  • Delivery of goods and evacuation of the wounded.
The Ministry of Defense of Belarus also reported that all airfields and training grounds of the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of the Belarusian Armed Forces were involved in the training.