Belarus proposes to the world to abandon the concept of human rights

08:02 28 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Deputy Foreign Minister, Permanent Representative of Belarus to the UN Yury Ambrazevich criticized the modern concept of human rights, saying that the West "imposes" its vision on the rest of the world, while each country has the right to interpret the concept of human rights in its own way.
According to the representative of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry, it is the differences in the definition of human rights that lead to disagreements in international relations: "liberal democracies", as well as "international structures paid for by them" insist on their vision, but Minsk has its own point of view. According to Ambrazevich, a person is maximally free only at the moment of birth, and then society begins to impose restrictions on him, and human rights no longer depend on him.
“At the same time, any state is a priori a structure generated by society in order to support the dominant concept of the public good, including through violence,” the diplomat said.
At the same time, each state has its own idea of the public good and the acceptable level of violence on the part of the authorities.. Therefore, he believes, it is impossible to reach "universal consensus on some ideal or acceptable international standard for the implementation of the concept of human rights."

States, he believes, should apply their own concepts of human rights, taking into account their own characteristics. And the current international understanding of human rights is a "utopia", hinders world development, serves as the basis for economic sanctions and even hybrid wars. Therefore, the representative of Belarus decided to abandon the existing concept. He suggested replacing international cooperation on these issues with voluntary national situation reviews.
Now in Belarus the concept of human rights is very simple: those who have epaulettes have rights, the rest of the country's population has no rights.