Troops sent to Baghdad amid protests

12:29 01 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Troops have been brought into the capital of Iraq, Baghdad, in connection with another seizure of parliament by activists.

This was reported by Al-Hadath TV channel.
As noted in the Ministry of Defense of the country, the tasks of the security forces are to suppress any violations of security, protect demonstrators, as well as state and private property.

According to local publications, most of the top officials have already left the country. Most of the roads leading to the center of Baghdad are blocked, police sirens are heard in the streets. Troops have entered the city, and 125 demonstrators are reported to have been injured in clashes with security forces.

Earlier, supporters of the Shiite Imam Muqtada al-Sadr broke into the parliament building, located in the specially protected Green Zone of Baghdad.. They oppose the nomination of Muhammad al-Sudani for the post of Prime Minister of Iraq from the Coordinating Structure bloc.

The protesters said they would not leave the parliament building until all their demands were met. The main ones are the dissolution of the legislature and the creation of a transitional government in which there will be no persons involved in corruption. In addition, activists insist on a change in the leadership of the Supreme Judicial Council, which, in their opinion, hinders the implementation of reforms.

In connection with the events in Iraq, the UN calls on all parties to the conflict to reduce tension and avoid violence.

The UN is following with concern the ongoing protests in Iraq, which have left many protesters injured, spokesman António Guterres said.

The UN is asking the conflicting parties to put aside differences and form an effective national government.