More than 20 dead in Afghanistan due to frost

14:49 16 January Kyiv, Ukraine

Amid severe frosts in Afghanistan, 24 people died from frostbite. This was reported on January 16 by the Anadolu agency.

According to local media, sub-zero temperatures have been observed in the central and northern regions of the country for several days.

Five people, including four children, died of frostbite in the city of Bagdis, nine homeless people died in Herat and Baghlan, five in Khost, two people each in Faryab and Gyuzjan, and one person in Sari-Pul.

Hundreds of people have turned to hospitals with symptoms of hypothermia. In addition, unfavorable weather conditions caused the death of thousands of cattle.

The agency recalled that a large number of low-income Afghan residents cannot afford firewood and coal in winter.

The lack of official records in rural areas also raises the possibility that the death toll from frostbite could be much higher.