US and Russia once used their military hotline - Reuters

13:52 29 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The line of communication established between the United States and Russian military at the start of Russia's all-out war against Ukraine has only been used once.
About it writes Reuters with reference to the official representative of the United States. This is a line that connects the US European Command and the Russian National Defense Command Center.

The agency is the first to notify the use of this line other than routine testing. The official, speaking on condition of anonymity, said the United States initiated a "deconfliction" line call to communicate its concerns about Russian military operations near critical infrastructure in Ukraine.

Few details are known about the specific incident that led to the call to the line connecting the US European Command and the Russian National Defense Command Center.. The official declined to elaborate, but said it was not used when, on November 15, during a massive Russian shelling of Ukraine, a rocket accidentally landed in Poland, a NATO member, killing two people.

Other military channels include rare high-level talks between US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin and Russian Defense Secretary Sergei Shoigu. Top US and Russian generals, US Army General Mark Milley and Russian General Valery Gerasimov have also spoken twice since the outbreak of full-scale war. White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan and CIA Director Bill Burns have also been in contact with Russian officials.

Yet US-Russian relations are at their lowest point since the Cold War.. The US State Department said on Monday, November 28, that Moscow has postponed talks in Cairo aimed at resuming nuclear weapons inspections.. The Russian Foreign Ministry confirmed the postponement of negotiations. Neither side gave a reason.

Asked for comment on the deconflict line, the Pentagon only said that it retained multiple channels to discuss critical security issues with the Russians during a contingency or emergency in order to prevent miscalculations, military incidents and escalation.
"We are inspired by the recent conversations between top Defense Department officials and Russian counterparts, and we believe continued dialogue is critical," a US Department of Defense spokesman said.
Neither the Russian Embassy in Washington nor the Russian Ministry of Defense in Moscow responded to requests for comment.

What is the line of "deconflict"
In March, the Pentagon said the "deconflict" line had been created to avoid any unintended collisions in NATO airspace or on the ground.
"This is not intended to be a universal line of complaint where we can just pick up the phone and express concern about what Russia is doing in Ukraine," a senior US defense official said at the time.
During the Cold War, the United States and the Soviet Union maintained such hotlines at various levels.