Social networks make fun of Putin's reservation about relations with the West in every possible way

12:24 30 October Kyiv, Ukraine

On October 27, Russian dictator Vladimir Putin delivered a speech to the participants of the Valdai Discussion Club.

During his long speech, the President of the Russian Federation made many strange reservations despite the fact that he read the entire text from a piece of paper.. In particular, speaking about Russia's relations with Western countries, Putin said that his country tried to "shit" them, and after that he did not recover.

“You can talk a lot about today's speech of the “great geopolitician”, but why do all this when there is one phrase that characterizes all this. Fucking up relations with the leading countries of the West is perhaps all that Russia has done over the past 30 years, ”the politician commented on the phrase on the social network.

The reaction of users was not long in coming:

  • When you want to line up, but it only turned out to shit
  • But seriously, he still says "line up". It can be seen that problems with the speech apparatus also begin slowly
  • Ooooh, so that's what the suitcase was for. Suddenly, relations with the West will piss off and immediately into a business suitcase for negotiations, you don’t need to collect anything from the pot.
  • Just 70 years old man. Constipation, osteochondrosis, impotence, that's all
  • Relationships fucked up. everything else is fucked up

Attentive viewers also drew attention to the terrible condition of the speaker's hand. The back of Putin's hand turned black, his veins bulged. This is what the hands of Elizabeth II looked like two days before her death.