Blinded from what was: AvtoVAZ will release a limited batch of Lada Largus

15:02 20 July Kyiv, Ukraine

AvtoVAZ scraped the bottom of the barrel and planned to release a limited batch of Lada Largus cars. Cars will be assembled from spare parts accumulated in warehouses.
They want to release at least 1800 cars. They will be collected by the end of July.. True, where then to take parts for cars that are assembled from the latest spare parts is not reported. The machines are probably meant to be disposable.
At this pace, the Russian auto industry will switch to assembling "new cars" from used ones.

Production at AvtoVAZ plants was suspended in April due to a shortage of components. The company then switched to a four-day work week.

After a long downtime, AvtoVAZ was the first to restart the Lada Granta assembly line - the release of a “simplified” version of the Classic (without anti-lock brakes and airbags). On such a car it will be impossible to leave Russia - nowhere but Belarus.