Russia is trying to take control of its own information space due to increased criticism of the military - ISW

11:28 22 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The leadership of the Russian regime is preparing a series of steps that should tighten the Kremlin's control over Russia's information space.

This is reported by the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW).
The Russian government continues to increase its control over the Russian information space as Russian bloggers say that Russia's efforts to shape the information space "look like a kitten against a rhinoceros" compared to foreign "think tanks", non-profit organizations and "independent media" , the message says.
According to the institute, in particular, the Russian news outlet Kommersant reported on November 21 that the State Duma of the Russian Federation may consider before the end of 2022 a bill to regulate the algorithms of online "recommendations", which will ultimately allow the government to disable certain algorithms.