Russia will not be able to protect its railway network from attacks and sabotage - British intelligence

10:30 05 May Kyiv, Ukraine

Accidents on Russian railways have resulted in local interruptions in the movement of military trains and increased pressure on Russia's internal security forces. Most likely, Russia will not be able to fully protect its railway from repeated attacks.
This was reported on Twitter by the British Ministry of Defense with reference to British intelligence.
“The recent increase in the number of accidents on Russian railways in the areas bordering Ukraine, associated with sabotage committed by unknown persons, almost certainly led to short-term local interruptions in the movement of Russian military railway trains,” British intelligence reports.
It is noted that although the brigades of the railway troops are able to quickly restore railway communication, however, these incidents will increase pressure on the internal security forces of Russia.. According to the intelligence service, it is likely that the occupiers will remain unable to fully defend Russia's vast and vulnerable rail network from attack.