A Russian military man who confessed to killing a civilian Ukrainian was accused of spreading “fake news” about the army

19:10 27 December Kyiv, Ukraine

In Russia, a criminal case has been opened under the article on "feks" against a military man who confessed to the journalists of "Important stories" in the murder of a Ukrainian civilian and looting.
We are talking about Daniil Andreevich Frolkin, OVD-Info drew attention to the case file received by the Khabarovsk garrison court.

Frolkin, 21, became a defendant in the Important Stories investigation in August. He, as part of the 64th separate motorized rifle brigade, took part in the seizure of the territory of the Kyiv region. It was possible to find him thanks to a mobile phone with a photo shoot of the Russian military, which was found in the village of Andreevka after liberation from Russian occupation. Frolkin was one of those captured in the photo.
"Important stories" managed to contact him. In a conversation with reporters, Frolkin admitted that he had killed a civilian. He also spoke about the looting of the Russian military and named the names of the commanders who gave criminal orders.

Frolkin clarified that he was ordered to escort several civilians to a search, then rob them and “put them to waste”. The order was carried out. He also noted that he was sure that the man he killed was handing over the coordinates of the Russian columns of the Ukrainian army.

In Ukraine, Frolkin is accused of violating the laws and customs of war. For the murder of a civilian, he faces a life sentence.