Putin offered foreigners to become "cannon fodder" in exchange for Russian citizenship

06:37 16 May Kyiv, Ukraine

President of the aggressor country Vladimir Putin signed a decree allowing foreigners to obtain citizenship under a simplified scheme. There is only one condition - to sign a contract with the "second army" for at least a year.
At the same time, the document clarifies that it applies not only to those who have signed a contract with the RF Armed Forces, but also to those who have signed a contract with certain “military formations”. The lines stating that the service will take place in territories where there are "authorized territorial bodies" of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have been removed from the law.
The head of the Civic Assistance Committee, Svetlana Gannushkina, doubted that this method of obtaining citizenship would be in demand both by citizens of Central Asian countries and, in general, among foreigners.
“When they offer to go for a pardon, it’s clear there, because people want to break out of the penitentiary system. [How] to pay for citizenship with your life is completely incomprehensible to me,” she said.. At the same time, Gannushkina admitted that there would be such people.
She notes the huge role of propaganda in the desire of people to go to war, thanks to which they do not feel that they are "on the side of evil."
“Selling your soul for citizenship? Perhaps if a person fell under this propaganda, ” Gannushkina argues.