Putin announced mobilization in the country

09:39 21 September Kyiv, Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that partial mobilization will be announced in Russia.

He made such a statement during an emergency address to the Russians, shown on the morning of September 21.
“In order to protect our homeland and integrity, I consider it necessary to support partial mobilization,” the president said (quote from a local TV channel).
The head of state specified that former military men, primarily those with specialties, would be called up for mobilization. The meeting was broadcast on a local TV channel.

Earlier, the State Duma approved amendments to the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation in three readings at once and included the concepts of “mobilization” and “wartime” in it.. Now, for refusing to participate in military or hostilities, they will be imprisoned for a term of two to three years (h. 2.1 of Article 332 of the Criminal Code).