Protests in Georgia: "UNM" against the pro-Russian policy in the country

10:25 11 May Kyiv, Ukraine

Among the supporters of the United National Movement (UNM) on Wednesday evening, a protest took place near the building of the Georgian Foreign Ministry due to dissatisfaction with the decisions of the Georgian authorities regarding the abolition of visas for Georgian citizens and the restoration of direct flights between the countries, media reported..

The rally participants expressed their disagreement with the pro-Russian policy of the ruling Georgian Dream party and the statements of its leaders.
"The majority of the Georgian people have chosen integration into the European Union and joining the civilized world, and the Georgian government must reflect this choice of the people and give an adequate response to the Russian provocation," said Vasil Urushadze, a UNM spokesman.

In his opinion, this is a Russian provocation aimed at hindering Georgia's integration into the EU.