MH17 verdict: Netherlands summons Russian ambassador over unacceptable response to verdict

19:40 18 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs is summoning the Russian ambassador because of the "unacceptable" response to the verdict in the case of the destruction of the Malaysia Airlines flight, which was handed down by the court in The Hague on November 17, 2022.

It is reported by Parool.

As recalled by the publication, the court sentenced two former agents of the Russian special services to life imprisonment. Together with a "DPR" militant, they were found guilty of deliberately shooting down flight MH17.
"In response to the verdict, the Russian Foreign Ministry stated that it regrets that the court "ignored the principles of impartiality in the MH17 case." Russians also call this decision politically motivated. Russia does not intend to extradite citizens convicted in absentia.
After a meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Netherlands on the afternoon of November 18, Foreign Minister Wopke Goukstra said that Russia "is speaking incorrectly and indecently in relation to the legal system of the Netherlands". According to him, "the world has turned upside down, and the reaction of the Russian Federation is "unacceptable, if you do not take into account that Russia is now violating all the principles of law and international law."

According to Gukstra, it is very important that the Netherlands react to the Russian position. At the same time, he noted that he did not know whether the Russian ambassador would be summoned by other countries as well.
Recall that yesterday the court found Russia guilty for the downing of Boeing MH17. Three defendants sentenced in absentia to life imprisonment , one acquitted