The Pentagon announced successful tests with hypersonic weapons

08:33 27 October Kyiv, Ukraine

The Navy and US Army on Wednesday successfully launched a rocket from NASA's Wallops Launch Site in Virginia carrying equipment for nearly a dozen experiments with hypersonic weapons.. On Wednesday, October 26, according to Reuters.

The test evaluated the performance of hypersonic and navigational equipment, as well as advanced materials that can withstand hypersonic-like heat.

During the tests, hypersonic components were launched into the upper atmosphere at a speed of 5 times the speed of sound, or approximately 6200 kilometers per hour.

Пентагон со стартового полигона NASA Воллопс в штате Вирджиния совершил запуск высокоточной ракеты-зонда

Hypersonic weapons are considered a new generation of weapons that deprive the enemy of time to respond and make traditional missile defense ineffective.

The United States is rapidly developing hypersonic weapons after rivals Russia and China have already reported successful tests and adoption.

To speed up development, the Pentagon is experimenting with the sonic missile, a smaller and therefore more affordable test vehicle that "fills the gap" between ground testing and full flight testing.

Recall that Russia conducted training launches of ballistic missiles with nuclear warheads.