One of the leading manufacturers of equipment for metallurgy leaves the Russian market

14:08 28 April Kyiv, Ukraine

The largest Italian manufacturer of equipment for metallurgy Danieli announced the termination of its activities in the Russian market.
This was reported by the publication Siderweb.
"The Russian market is lost. We have already listed our Russian asset for sale and we already have a good list of interested buyers,” said Danieli Chairman Gianpietro Benedetti.
According to him, the evolution of geopolitical scenarios has led Danieli to the realization that it is no longer possible to have commercial relations and presence in the Russian market in its current state.
"Therefore, we have decided to sell our company in this territory. We could also complete this operation in a short time as there are several interested operators and the proposed economic compensation is also noteworthy.. Any further assessment is premature at this point. However, our exit from this market is now clear and inevitable,” said Benedetti.
As clarifies, Danieli has two legal entities in Russia - Danieli Russia Engineering LLC and Danieli Volga LLC. Danieli Russia Engineering LLC provides services for the installation and commissioning of equipment at factories located in Russia. Danieli Volga LLC is a manufacturing company that develops and manufactures various equipment (primarily for metallurgical plants).

Danieli is an Italian international industrial company. It is one of the three largest suppliers of equipment and installations for the metalworking industry in the world. It has eight factories in Italy, Germany, Austria, Sweden, Thailand, China, India and Russia.