New Zealand hostel fire kills six people

11:45 16 May Kyiv, Ukraine

In the New Zealand city of Wellington, on the night of May 16, there was a terrible fire in a hostel known as Loafers Lodge.. As a result of this tragedy, at least six people died, and another eleven people were missing.

The fire is known to have started just after midnight on Tuesday and quickly spread to the upper floors of the building.

New Zealand Prime Minister Christopher Gipkins said there is current confirmation of at least six deaths, but expressed
fear that the death toll could rise. As the building's roof has collapsed and parts of it are highly unstable, authorities have warned that it will take some time to locate and identify all of the bodies, with relatives facing a long and difficult wait for news.
This fire has become one of the deadliest in the country over the past half century, the Prime Minister stressed.

While the causes of this tragedy are still being investigated.

Loafers Lodge has been known for its affordable accommodation for people of all ages.. Both the unemployed and medical staff from a nearby hospital, including doctors and nurses, stayed at the hostel.