NATO deploys radar surveillance aircraft to Romania

17:06 13 January Kyiv, Ukraine

The North Atlantic Alliance is preparing to deploy Airborne Early Warning Surveillance and Guidance (AWACS) aircraft in the Romanian capital Bucharest due to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.

This is reported by the NATO Air Command.
"As Russia's illegal war in Ukraine continues to threaten peace and security in Europe, there should be no doubt about NATO's determination to defend every inch of the Alliance's territory," NATO spokeswoman Oana Lungescu said in a statement.
The official stressed that the use of long-range radar surveillance and guidance aircraft will help to detect aircraft that pose a potential danger in advance.
"Our AWACS can detect aircraft hundreds of kilometers away, making them a key deterrent and defense tool for NATO, " she added.
Planes are expected to arrive on January 17, 2023. and will maintain a strengthened Alliance presence in the region and monitor Russian military activity.