Luxoft will completely withdraw from the Russian market

16:41 30 June Kyiv, Ukraine

IT-company Luxoft will completely leave Russia by the end of June.

This was stated by the executive director of the Ukrainian office of Luxoft Elena Samborskaya in an interview with Vsevolod Nekrasov.
“We have certain responsibilities to our customers and if we cancel the contract right now, we will have huge legal problems on the contracts. Some contracts have been transferred to other unaffiliated companies, certain ones have been terminated. The company is moving step by step towards the stated goal: until the end of June Luxoft is completely withdrawing from Russia, there will be no offices or people there," Samborskaya said.
The company has developed an internal relocation program for employees.
"Who does not want to, he is looking for another job and goes to work for other employers," she added.
Up to 4,000 employees worked in the Russian office. Basically, they were employed on local projects. A certain part was working on orders from foreign clients, which was suspended already in April.