Lithuania bans Patriarch Kirill from entering the country

15:18 27 July Kyiv, Ukraine

Lithuania has banned Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church (ROC) Kirill from entering the country because of his support for Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

This is reported by the Lithuanian news agency LRT with reference to the confirmation of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Lithuania on Wednesday, July 27

The clergyman is now on the list of undesirable persons for entry. However, it has not been publicly reported so far. The decision was made after taking into account the proposal of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry.

Patriarch Kirill is included in the list due to the fact that he deliberately denies the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine, justifies and supports the war unleashed by the Russian Federation, the Lithuanian Ministry of Internal Affairs notes. They also noted that he is "one of the most active supporters of the war against Ukraine, who has repeatedly publicly spoken positively about the ongoing Russian aggression."

Patriarch Kirill openly calls the people of Ukraine "participants in the Nazi regime" in the Russian propaganda media. According to him, Ukrainians must be deported or destroyed. In addition, on February 27, 2022, he blessed the Russian soldiers participating in the war against Ukraine and "gave a canonical justification for the war unleashed by Russia"

The ban on visiting Lithuania will last for a clergyman until June 23, 2027.