Latvia Arrests Pro-Kremlin Activist Linderman

15:54 24 June Kyiv, Ukraine

Pro-Russian propagandist Vladimir Linderman has been arrested in Latvia on suspicion of justifying genocide, crimes against peace, humanity and war crimes.

Delfi writes about it.

The detention, but without the name and surname of the detainee, was reported by the State Security Service of Latvia (SSS). The disseminated information clarified that on June 21, the security forces detained a pro-Kremlin activist who systematically glorified and justified crimes against peace and war crimes of the armed forces of the Russian Federation in Ukraine on the Internet.

According to the State Security Service, the propagandist received financial rewards from legal entities registered in the Russian Federation for his pro-Russian activities. Linderman was charged with criminal proceedings on June 7, he faces up to five years in prison.

In December 2020, the pro-Russian propagandist was already detained, but subsequently released. Then he was a correspondent for the propaganda Baltnews, owned by the Russian MIA Russia today.