Kazakhstan to tighten citizenship requirements due to influx of Russians

11:39 08 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Kazakhstan is developing amendments to the law "On Citizenship of the Republic of Kazakhstan" against the background of the influx of hundreds of thousands of Russians into the republic. Citizenship will no longer be issued to those who do not speak the Kazakh language and do not know the history of the country.
"Ignorance of the state language, the basics of history and national legislation will become additional grounds for refusing admission and restoration of citizenship, and this will also prevent the facts of dual citizenship," Prime Minister Alikhan Smailov said.
According to him, everyone can study the Kazakh language, culture and traditions in Sunday schools on the basis of the educational and methodological centers "Til" ("Language"), which work under the administrations. However, the deputies demand to make Sunday school attendance mandatory for foreigners living in Kazakhstan.

After the announcement of mobilization in Russia on September 21, most Russians left for Kazakhstan. According to the FSB, from July to September, Russians made 1.25 million visits to the republic, a record number since at least 2018. In most cases (1 million) they crossed the border by car, and the goal was mainly indicated as a private visit.

The majority of visits were made by Russians to Abkhazia (2.48 million visits) and Turkey (2.16 million), which are traditionally in demand during the holidays. At the same time, Turkey accounted for almost 60% of the total flow of Russian tourists this year, as the country has become a transport hub.

The number of Russians who traveled to Kazakhstan turned out to be almost three times more than those who went to Georgia (461 thousand. trips) and Finland (430 thousand), as well as five times more than those who traveled to Armenia (267 thousand). It was to these countries that Russians most often fled during mobilization.