Israel strikes at Syrian airbase used by Russian military

07:33 14 November Kyiv, Ukraine

Israel attacked a large air base in Syria, which was used by the military of Iran and Russia. On Sunday, November 13, Reuters will report with reference to the Syrian media.

In particular, the SANA news agency reported that as a result of a missile attack on the airfield in Shayrat, two servicemen were killed and three were injured.

Military sources say the strikes targeted an airstrip at an air base located southeast of the city of Homs, which had recently been used by the Iranian military.

Also, sources in power structures report that Russia, which maintains a military presence in Syria, deploys troops near the Shayrat airbase and uses this facility.

The Syrian Center for Human Rights (SOHR) wrote that four rockets were launched from Israeli fighter jets towards the target.

The IDF traditionally refuses to comment on reports of such operations..

It should be noted that Russia uses Shayrat airfields in the province of Homs, Tias in Palmyra, and also deployed a base at the El Qamishli airfield.