Germany urges Serbian authorities to choose EU or relations with Russia

08:06 02 November Kyiv, Ukraine

The German authorities called on the leader of Serbia to make the final choice between the prospect of the country's entry into the European Union and maintaining partnerships with the aggressor.

On Tuesday, November 1, writes Welt.

As the newspaper notes, citing a source in the German government, against the background of the "development of the geopolitical situation," Serbia must immediately decide how it sees its political future - as a member of the EU or a partner of Russia.

The publication writes that Germany is "surprised and disappointed" that Serbia signed a cooperation agreement with Russia.. From the candidate countries, according to the source, in Germany, on the contrary, they expect the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation.
"If Vučić leads the country in the direction of strengthening relations with the EU, Germany will support him, and continued ties with Russia will lead to the opposite consequences," government circles told the publication.
Serbia remains the only EU candidate that has not yet imposed sanctions against the Russian Federation.