Germany intends to purchase Hetz-3 anti-missile system from Israel

17:50 31 August Kyiv, Ukraine

As part of the creation of a pan-European air defense system, the German government announced its readiness to buy the Israeli Hatz-3 (Strela-3) anti-missile system.

This was reported by the German TV channel ARD.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced his intention to create a new air defense system together with neighboring countries, but did not specify on the basis of which weapons it would be formed. According to the channel, Germany is striving to get exactly the latest Hetz-3, which entered service with Israel in 2017.

Hetz-3 anti-missile systems are equipped with missiles capable of intercepting ballistic targets at an altitude of up to 100 kilometers. The complex was designed to intercept shorter and medium-range missiles (flight range from 400 to 5500 km). The complex is capable of detecting targets at a distance of up to 900 km.