Germany and France proposed to fight Putin's propaganda with the help of bloggers

08:03 31 August Kyiv, Ukraine

Germany and France want the European Union to drive a wedge between President Vladimir Putin and the Russian people with a campaign to counter Russian propaganda that signals that Europe is still open to ordinary citizens.
The country proposes to fight Putin's propaganda through the dissemination of independent information in the media space with the involvement of bloggers.

In particular, Europe can finance media literacy courses in Russian, which will be promoted by bloggers on YouTube, TikTok, Telegram and VKontakte.
Berlin and Paris are also considering other ways to increase influence in the information space: for example, using technical measures against Russian censorship, providing Russian-language content for Russian-speaking minorities abroad.

The countries are also calling for open channels of communication with the Russian government, though calling for more sanctions against Russian officials and continued financial and military support for Ukraine.